''Carnet de Voyages'' Lulu Delafaise's first book is out

Lulu Delafalaise and Ulysse De Castillon have traveled the globe for 5 years, from Bosnia to Morocco via the Netherlands. Many are the men of this Carnet de Voyages, Many are their singularity, Many are their stories. Carnet de Voyages is a map of the world, Models are a compass. The North shows you the strength and robustness of the body. The South, on the other hand, exposes their conviction,
their bodily passions.


  • First Edition, July 2018.

  • 110 pages.

  • Portrait, 8x10 inch.

  • Paper Premium Matte.

  • Hardcover Matte.

    LES APPELÉS is published exclusively by Editions CARNET D'ADAM. It is available now in print edition and in digital edition.