Lulu La Falaise is known for his ability to spot and capture new faces never seen before. Casting is all about finding the right face for the right story. Although he is working with many modeling agencies, Lulu Delafalaise likes to shoot cool people coming out straight from the street.

From gym guys, bad boys, fit students, soldiers, dreamers. There is no specific type or experience needed. The most important is the ability to shine in front of the camera, play with sensuality / fragility and being comfortable with his body. 

Lulu Delafalaise is currently looking for street boys in the Paris area and interested for visual projects. Artistic book, print, exhibition and online magazines. Please use the form below to reach out. Do not forget to include a link so we can see some fresh natural pictures of you (It can be a Facebook, instagram or snapchat link). 

You can also send an email with age, location and 3 natural pictures of you showing clearly your face, profile and full-length.




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